Friday, September 7, 2012

Progressively building a modular Spring Web applications

This is going to be a series of posts in which I will try to demonstrate how to build a complex modular Spring web application. We will use progressive enhancement to slowly improve and build this application. So what are we going to build? OK here is a small set of requirement we will try to cater :


  1. Sign in user
  2. Sign out user
  3. Create a lead
  4. Edit lead
  5. List lead
  6. Copy lead
  7. View History of lead changes
  8. Send mails to these leads as part of some camapign
  9. Delete lead

Some non functional requirements I will look into are:

  1. Modular application module - so that it should seamlessly include a new module. Lets say tomorrow we want to include an opportunity module it should work by dropping in a jar with views, navigation, menu items, context menu etc - just with server restart.
  2. Must be able to support NoSQL stores with minimal changes.

I have generally selected the following as my tool and technologies:

  1. Spring Framework 3.1.2 - core framework
  2. Spring DATA - For data access
  3. Thymeleaf for templates - sorry I will not use JSF 2 and rich UI frameworks like Primefaces, Richfaces etc. They are awesome, but I would love to have more control and flexibility with my UI. Also JSF 2 even with nicities and improvements has lot to learn.
  4. Spring Web flow 2.3.x ---- will try to implement if does not hamper my modular requirements
  5. Spring Security
  6. Spring Integration
  7. Spring Social
  8. Tomcat 7 - Server
  9. Spring Source Toolsuite --- IDE
  10. Maven - Build tool

So far so good, we will add or update things as per feedback and if required.

The project will be available on some Google code repository soon. I will tag it as I go along.


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