Monday, September 10, 2012

Part 3 - Introducing Project Lombok and thinking the dynamic form model

We are at the verge of writing few beans and I personally hate those getter/setters toString hashCode, equals to be written for each one of them.I am also not too confident or knowleagble about tools like Spring ROO. So what option I have to save myself from these boring boilerplate clode. I can save some by using Project Lombok. Project lombok is available at - I will not show here how to integrate it with STS, its straight forward and well documented on the product website.Do not forget to include it as a maven dependency in the parent project to use it in child projects and save some time.

Dynamic form

Creating the dynamic form will be an excellent thing. We have lot of meta data to do that in the domain objects. We can even keep the form meta information in xml or database. The Spring Thymeleaf dialect already has excellent support for forms. For the moment we will put the dynamic form into parking lot and build forms using Thymeleaf. In future if this really becomes an absolute necessary we will revisit the topic.

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