Thursday, March 11, 2010

Setting up Spring MVC 3 Web Application

Now its time to code a bit in Skyphoto. So launch Eclipe and create a dynamic web project ready to be deployed on Tomcat 6. I am assuming that readers are atleast familiar with this. Next we will do a bit of configuration and throw in some Spring 3 jar files into the WEB-INF/lib folder.
Step 1 - Configure Spring Servlets and log4j in the web application deployment descriptor.

Step 2 - log4j.xml
The log4j configuration will be very useful later to see all framework and application messages. I have set it to debug level to help understand the framework better.
Step 3 - Setting up a bare minimal spring configuration file Listing 3 - spring-web.xml
Step 4 - setup a simple jsp Listing 4 - index.jsp
Figure 1 - Project Directory Structure in Eclipse
Finally here is a view of the Eclipse project shown in Figure 1. You can very well make out the jar files you need for the time being.

  • Note 1 - that I am storing all configuration files under /WEB-INF/config
  • Note 2 - donot forget to download Spring framework and Security security distributions from their respective websites.

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