Friday, March 12, 2010

Getting the security less application ready

1> Add jstl.jar (version 1.1 i guess) to your WEB-INF/lib folder
2> Modify index.jsp as shown below
Listing 1 - index.jsp 3> Add a controller for the landing or index page.
Listing 2 - 4> Add a controller for the upload page view
Listing 3 - 5> Time to launch the browser and test it on the browser.
Figure 1 - Skyphotos

6> Click on upload photo, you will see it is accessible to any one. But only logged on users should be able to access that page.

Figure 2 - secure page

In the next post I will start with the first step to ensure that a user is logged in / signed in before he or she can access the upload photo page.

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